How to Fight Dental Cavities on a Regular Basis

Tooth decay in , , is a serious and dangerous dental issue that should be avoided on a regular basis. If you don’t avoid it, your smile and oral health can be attacked and altered, giving you a painful, decayed, and unhealthy smile. So, to help you keep tooth decay at bay, our team recommends… Read more »

Is a Home Whitening Kit Right for You?

Home-whitening kits, dental whitening, dental problems, tooth discoloration, tooth enamel, dentin, primary teeth, baby teeth, permanent teeth, active bleaching agent, hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, clinical formulations, dental bleaching sessions, restorations, teeth shade, Alcovy Family & Cosmetic Dentistry online, dentist in Covington Georgia e over-the-counter products raise two questions: are they safe? And, are they as effective… Read more »

CEREC for Crafting Dental Veneers In-Office

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, more commonly referred to as a CEREC machine is new form of dental technology that can help in a wide variety of applications. In the past if you had a patient that wanted dental veneers to improve their smile, you had to take an impression of their teeth with… Read more »

Your Dentist Is Good for Your Heart

Your pearly whites are not the only parts of your body that benefit from a healthy mouth. A healthy smile benefits your body, and especially your heart, as well. Good oral health means removing oral bacteria debris which can cause gum disease which in turn impacts the body, especially your cardiovascular system. Your daily brushing… Read more »

What to do if a Tooth Is Knocked Out

It’s not unheard of for an accidental fall, or a blow to the face to knock one of your teeth out. This can be a very serious cause for concern. If the injury is severe you should consider calling 911 or going directly to the emergency room. In some cases, a tooth that has been… Read more »

Finding the Underlying Cause of Sensitive Teeth

A sharp pain or stinging sensation in your teeth when you eat hot, cold, sweet or acidic foods, can be a warning sign of something more serious. While you might find some relief from using toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth, you should still investigate the underlying source of the problem. In some cases it might… Read more »

Repairing a Fractured Tooth

It’s not uncommon for something like a blow to the face, a fall or grinding your teeth at night to cause a fracture in the enamel of one or more teeth. Unrepaired fractures invite tooth decay and other complications. If you have one or more fractured teeth you should call us as soon as possible… Read more »

Minor Damage to Enamel can be Repaired by Cosmetic Bonding

Tooth enamel that has been damaged by chips, cracks or fractures can be a serious cause for concern. If you are lucky enough that the damage didn’t expose the sensitive pulp of the tooth your dentist might be able to repair the tooth with a cosmetic bonding procedure. Regardless it is important to address the… Read more »

Transform Your Smile With Dental Veneers

This new year, why not start it off with a smile transformation? More and more people are turning to cosmetic dentistry than ever before thanks to the amazing affect dental veneers has when it comes transforming your smile into a flawless one. Dental veneers offer so many benefits when it comes to achieving the perfect… Read more »

Drink These for Healthy Teeth

Most of us are already aware of harmful drinks that can damage our health and our teeth, but what about those beverages that can help keep our smile healthy and strong? Unless you are lactose intolerant, milk is already in your refrigerator and is ready to help strengthen your pearly whites! Milk is rich in… Read more »