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Dental assistants are often the first people we see when we visit the dentist. Top rated dental assistants not only make sure that patients feel welcomed and comfortable during their visit, but they also perform many tasks that require technical skills.

At Alcovy Center for Family Dentistry, patients from Alcovy, Covington, Conyers, and the surrounding Newton County area can count on our dental assistants to deliver best in class dental care.

The History of the First Dental Assistant

In 1885, visionary dentist Dr. C. Edmund Kells recruited his wife to help run his dental practice. With her help, Dr. Kells’s practice flourished so much that he needed to hire another dental assistant.

That first dental assistant in modern history was Malvina Cueria. Even though she was only a teenager at the time, Ms. Cueria assisted Dr. Kells with a range of dental treatments and provided patients with overall quality care.

During the late 19th century, it was generally uncommon for women to visit the dentist without the permission of their husbands. With two female assistants at the practice, Dr. Kells attracted a flood of female clients, who would now feel safe in an environment with “Ladies in Attendance,” as they were once called.

Five Key Responsibilities of Top Rated Dental Assistants

A great dental assistant is not only able to conduct both administrative and technical duties, but also anticipate the needs of others. Our Alcovy dental assistants know what is needed to help us succeed and provide the best possible care to our patients. Top rated dental assistants perform many services:

Prep Patients for Dental Work

Before the dentist comes in, a dental assistant will prep you for your treatment. Our Alcovy dental assistants are available to ensure you feel comfortable during your visit. Your dental assistant will review your medical history and address any of your specific dental concerns.

X-Rays and Dental Impressions

Our dental assistants often perform patient X-rays and dental impressions under the direction of a dentist. Your X-rays allow the dentist to detect and treat any potential threats to your dental health. X-rays also assist the dentist with diagnosis if you are experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity. Dental assistants also perform dental impressions. Impressions are accurate molds of your teeth used to create a variety of dental materials, including mouth guards, retainers, crowns, veneers, dentures and more.

Performing Administrative Tasks

Besides making sure you feel comfortable during your visit, dental assistants must perform certain administrative tasks to ensure everything in the office runs smoothly. Our dental assistants may perform other duties such as helping file records and scheduling you for your next visit.

Sterilize and Disinfect Dental Equipment

Dental assistants not only help when it comes to assisting with dental procedures, but also ensure all dental equipment is well-sterilized and ready for the next patient. Once you are in the dental chair, you can rest assured all the dental equipment used has been sterilized and disinfected by one of our dedicated Alcovy dental assistants.

Communicate with Patients and Dental Team

While a great dental assistant stays busy with multiple tasks both in and behind the scenes, they also must possess strong written and verbal communication skills. Dental assistants communicate their needs to the dentists and the rest of the dental staff. Our team is great at anticipating both the needs of our dentists and our patients. When you visit Alcovy Center for Family Dentistry, our capable dental office staff is here to ensure you receive quick and efficient dental services.

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