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Your pearly whites are not the only parts of your body that benefit from a healthy mouth. A healthy smile benefits your body, and especially your heart, as well. Good oral health means removing oral bacteria debris which can cause gum disease which in turn impacts the body, especially your cardiovascular system. Your daily brushing and flossing removes this bacterial plaque that develops in the mouth every time you eat and drink anything besides water.

Studies showing a link between professional dental cleanings and a healthier heart discovered that people who saw their dentist at least once every two years for professional scaling were 24% less likely to have a heart attack. Not only that, but the risk of stroke also dropped by 13%. Inflammation evidently plays a role, as both gum disease and heart disease involve inflammation. Inflammation is caused by bacterial exposure in the mouth that is allowed to build. Chronic inflammation is linked to a hardening of the arteries as well.

Professional dental cleanings allow us to scrape (scale) hardened plaque off of your teeth and along the gum line and effectively serves to round out your daily, at-home brushing and flossing care. To maintain your healthy smile and your heart health, keep seeing your dentist for professional cleanings! To schedule a visit with Dr. Travis E. Hampton, please call our Alcovy Family & Cosmetic Dentistry team in Covington, Georgia at 770-787-6453 today.